Trader Information

Welcome to the Traders Section. Below you will find trader information which will help to make your trading experience at Tynemouth Market as straight forward and enjoyable as possible.

Our aim is to provide an atmospheric, clean and safe trading venue for traders of quality general goods, arts, crafts and antiques.

Our regular market trading takes place as follows;

Day Market Setup Public Trading Times Market Close
Saturday 0800-0900 0900-1600 1545
Sunday 0830-0900 0900-1600 1545

When setting up your market stall please enter no earlier than 8-00am on Saturday and 8.30am on Sunday. In all cases please aim to have finished setup and be ready to trade by 9.00am on both Saturday and Sunday.

Market Stalls
We provide high quality modular stall tables of dimensions 6’x 2’6”.

One standard ‘market stall’ consists of 2 stall tables arranged adjacently to create an area of 6’x 5’. In addition you may provide one table or one rail of your own to complement the stall.

Need more space?
No problem! 1 ½ stalls consists of 3 tables. You may also provide one table or one rail of your own to complement the stall.

Alternatively going for our largest offering of 2 stalls will give you 4 tables, that’s an area of 12’x 5′. You may also provide two tables of your own, or one table and one rail.

Not much to sell?
For those traders with only a small number of items to sell, you may find that a half stall is sufficient. This consists of one 6’x2’6″ table, but please note you will not be able to add your own table or rail to this stall.

Pricing Policy: cost per day

½ Stall 1 table (6 x 2’6”) £ 17.00
1 Stall 2 tables plus one of your own or one rail £ 25.00
1½ Stall 3 tables plus one of your own or one rail £ 37.50
2 Stalls 4 tables plus two of your own or one table and one rail £ 50.00

For further information, or to book a stall please call, 07907 468 441 Tuesday – Friday 11.00 am – 4-00 pm

If your stall is booked and you need to cancel, the latest cancellation time is 4pm Thursday.

Any cancellation received after Thursday will incur a £10 adminstration fee.

Please ensure you read the Rules and Regulations page before trading at Tynemouth Market

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