TM Promo Builder

This is the on-site news and information gathering tool. The TM Promo Builder enables you to input information about a ‘Special Offer’ you are running or details about your business for a ‘Trader Profile’ feature on the site.

We will use this info to write-up your offer or article and post it to the website. You can also upload a couple of digital photos to go with the item.

To keep things manageable the TM Promo Builder is set up to accept ten entries. After that it automatically deactivates until it is reset to accept further entries. So please bear in mind, it’s a case of first come first served until we get a better idea of how traders are using the tool.

Sorry, the maximum number of entries for this period has been reached. We will notify you in TM Trader News! when the next batch of ten entries is due to go live. If you're not already subscribed to the newsletter, sign up at